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Project Description
Addons for netmf glide to add some missing functionality and to make it little easier to use the platform.

Currently the project offers:
  • AnimatedImage
    • Animate image sequence composed from a severall images into one long "strip"
  • PagingTextBlock
    • Paginate your text and show it "page" at a time
  • scrollbar(experimental)
  • Tween
    • Adds the following extra window tweens to glide:
      • FadeIn
      • FadeOut
      • Expand
      • Collapse
        • Expand and collapse options includes:
          • TopLeft corner
          • TopRight corner
          • BottomLeft corner
          • BottomRight corner

AnimatedImage video:

PagingTextBlock video:

Tween video:

Planned new components:

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